26 Mar 2015
Sunscreen Blinds in play room

Roller blinds

Have become very popular in New Zealand in the last few years as one of the most popular option when it comes to decorating windows.

Auckland New Zealand - multi linked roller blinds by 1B Blinds

Multi-linked Roller Blinds

This could be attributed to many kinds of benefits that it offers such as protecting different rooms of your house from outside heat, isolating from ultraviolet rays, preserving furniture and other precious home furnishing and appliances, and most importantly protect family members from harsh sun rays. It is also excellent during winter season as it helps to prevent cold wind from penetrating your home. There is something else, many people do not consider when they think of roller blinds, they help to reduce noise from outside entering your home especially if your house is situated along highways and busy streets.

In order for you to enjoy the benefits of roller blinds, you need to know what is available in Auckland, New Zealand in different types of of blinds so that you will be able to decide what works best for your home and of course have the appropriate type of roller blind fabric.

Block Out vs Blackout Blinds

Blockout or Black Out Blinds in Auckland

Blockout blinds in a bathroom

In fact both of them are the same, some people call them differently. If you prefer or you think would this work for me for that particular room and you need privacy:- block out blinds is the right choice for you. This is the most versatile of all types of  blinds as it really blocks out light from entering the room, prevents bystanders to pry inside your house, and it also protects your sensitive and precious furniture and other home furnishing from the sunlight damage. You can choose from budget fabric which is usually made of synthetic polyester to high end  blinds fabric which can be one hundred percent polyester coated with block out coating, often called thermal backing.

Translucent Roller Blinds

This type of blinds often called “filter blinds” in New Zealand. This kind of  blinds is ideal for rooms which require maximum light and at the same time provides some (up to 100 %) degree of privacy; that is letting light in without people outside able to see inside your different rooms of your house. There translucent blinds that are made of polyester of course without the blackout coating. And is also embedded with PVC material so that light can penetrate and at the same time there are fabrics which even let you see the action outside of your rooms but outsiders cannot see what is happening inside of your home.

Transparent Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds, Auckland, Parnell

Transparent Roller blinds, Parnell, Auckland

In the USA they call this type of blinds screens or shades. In New Zealand majority of people know this type of blinds as sunscreens. Sunscreens have different types of “openness” 3%,5%.8%,14% and even 50%. Not all rooms in your home require privacy and due to beautiful New Zealand scenery people often want to maintain ability to look outside but yet still have protection and privacy to a degree. You need transparent  blinds (sunscreens) in areas like study rooms, kitchens, and living rooms where light and visibility are really important. An added bonus is that, it does reduce light from entering into the rooms but also it reduces heat as well and protects furniture and furnishing from effects of exposure to sun rays like colors fading, just think about red cars in New Zealand. It is also made of fabric which only allows limited view from the outside. In the bedroom you would want to use fabric which has 5% of openness, yet you still need to remember that when you have the lights on in the room people from outside can see your shadows.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Rangitoto, Takapuna Sunscreen Blinds by 1B Blinds

View on Rangitoto Island through sunscreen blinds

This type of  blinds is made of special fabric that has the ability to regulate the amount of light and heat that will penetrate inside your rooms. This is ideal for areas at home where you need serenity while relaxing or indulging in your favorite pleasures like reading or watching family movies.

Roller Blinds Options

In terms of choices, there are different colors, styles, patterns, and fabrics to choose from, in Auckland we use are a few fabric suppliers who “do run an extra mile” and maintain their collection so well that they never run out of stock and options. Some of them distribute fabric from the USA, others from Australia and even from New Zealand.

Other blinds options that you can choose in Auckland: Dual blinds like full block out at night and transparent during the day or a sunscreen is a very popular solution, especially for people who want to see their house with the best suited decorative decor. In New Zealand this type of blinds is often referred as “double blind”. They have special bracket which allows to install two blinds one slightly above the other. It would provide you with ability to maintain the best level of privacy and yet create atmosphere in the room.

Sunscreen and Blockout Blinds with motorisation by 1B Blinds in Auckland

Sunscreen and Blockout Blinds with motorisation

In addition, you can also opt-in for a chain controlled unit as an operating system of the blinds or even motorized solution where you can operate the blinds with a flick of a button.

There is also an extension-option which helps you to have blinds on the extra wide window, this system allows you to have a very narrow gape between the pieces of fabric, so the blinds look as one piece.

With this knowledge on different types of  blinds in Auckland, New Zealand you will not be having trouble deciding which one is right for your rooms and your house. On top of that, it will be easy for you to choose the kind of colors, styles, patterns, and fabrics regardless if it is from Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. If yet you are in doubt – please call our office number 0800-300-575 to discuss your design ideas and we will be happy to help you to find a solution.

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