21 Mar 2015
Roller blinds Auckland collection 2016

At 1BBlinds we strive to provide you with superior customer experience and prefer to work with happy positively thinking people. Happiness is contagious (we think) and this is what we share with our customers. If by nature you do not share New Zealand way of life or think you can screw the tradesman for every penny we are possibly the wrong company for your project. We offer you our roller blinds solutions for your home that reflects your unique sense of style and complements your furniture.

Auckland Roller blinds - new collection 2015

Choose your personal design for Roller Blinds

In our opinion interior design starts with inspiration which transforms the space into something magically beautiful. Our manufacturing facility is located on the North Shore in Auckland and this is the area we prefer to work in- we like the North Shore and think that this is a vibrant part of modern Auckland with good schools and beautiful houses.

We are happy to travel to greater Auckland area to help our customers with our roller blinds solutions. We work with contemporary open plan spaces and with traditional Kiwi country homes- we think each house is different and we certain we have something unique and something exceptionally beautiful to match the house with our fabrics for your roller blinds. We design and make your blinds ourselves, once you place your order and happy with texture and the colours of the fabric, your order is going to be made right when you expect it.

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Auckland Roller blinds

We offer too many different types of fabrics to choose from only due to the fact that everyone likes to have something different and original. Our fabrics collections range from translucent this is when fabric works as a filter to diffuse the sunlight, this type of fabric helps to cut the glare and offers up to 100% privacy with some fabrics to choose from.

Types of fabric for Roller Blinds by 1B Blinds in Auckland NZ

Fabrics for Roller Blinds with 5% openess

Then there is sunscreen types of fabrics with different level of transparency or how it is often called in Auckland “openness” factor it ranges from 3%, 5%,8%,14% . The “openness” factor means how open the fabric is and how you can see through. For bedrooms majority of our customers prefer to use 5% openness and for kids’ rooms 14% just to make sure that the room is going to be light up with the sunlight.

For our roller blinds we use fabric from the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Look here to read about one of the biggest fabric supplier in the world. The story of the company started from 1952 and now they offer most reliable fabric.

Finally there is complete block out types of fabrics (we have a lot of it) this type of fabric enables you to create and maintain privacy “on demand” and helps you to have comfortable environment in your house.

In Auckland roller blinds have proved themselves being the choice of New Zealand. It is a simple and elegant way to cover your windows in any room of your house. This type of blinds provides you and your furniture in your house with practical and stylish solution to create a designer touch. Most importantly they provide protection from the hush New Zealand sunlight.

Roller blinds are perfect for any room of your house, you just pull them up when you do not need them or pull them down when you want to “create” an instant privacy. Our Roller blinds fabric colors and types of the texture range allows you chose the amount of privacy (openness) and light control that is suitable for your or your designer recommendations.

There is no need to copy what the other person has in the house – we are going to help you to choose roller blinds for your house.

It can be a roller blind which is installed over the window or it can be installed right into the window – the choice is yours and you have to make your decision on the base of suitability of the installation in the room. For instance in a bedroom a roller blind which is installed over the window would provide you with maximum privacy and minimum sunlight gapes.

When we manufacture your roller blinds we take into account every detail of your house to insure that once the blinds are installed you are going to be happy with your stylish and easy to look after solution to enhance your house.

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