26 Mar 2015
Sunscreen Blinds in play room

Roller blinds Have become very popular in New Zealand in the last few years as one of the most popular option when it comes to decorating windows. This could be attributed to many kinds of benefits that it offers such as protecting different rooms of your house from outside heat, isolating from ultraviolet rays, preserving […]

24 Mar 2015
Colors of wooden blinds

If most of the blinds on the market do not provide you with everything that you are looking for you might be in the perfect place to find the answer you are looking for: Wooden blinds in Auckland Made out of Canadian Cedar are going to provide your house with style and class, something what […]

21 Mar 2015
Roller blinds Auckland collection 2016

At 1BBlinds we strive to provide you with superior customer experience and prefer to work with happy positively thinking people. Happiness is contagious (we think) and this is what we share with our customers. If by nature you do not share New Zealand way of life or think you can screw the tradesman for every […]

06 Nov 2014
windows vertical blinds good choice

If you are looking for vertical blinds then you must be an enthusiast who want to decorate your home with the most efficient solution on the market. Vertical blinds, let’s see what makes them good: 1) Sunlight efficiency – you can always turn the blades of the blinds in the position you want.  This gives […]

21 Oct 2014
Sunscreen blinds

Sunscreen Blinds Have you noticed sunscreen blinds normally get discussed by ladies during summer time. The reason sunscreen blinds get so much attention is obvious – these type of blinds provide comfort simultaneously protecting furniture and yet provide privacy.  Talking about different types of blinds we can’t complete the list without mentioning the sunscreen blinds. We […]