how to measure window for blinds

If you are thinking about how to measure your windows to make sure that you are going to get the right online quote for your blinds this post is for you

How to measure windows for blinds

is one of the most important things before you buy blinds for your home. Windows can be off different types, which means blinds should reflect the measurements. As you know windows can be made out of wood, plastic and aluminum.

Firstly you need to decide how you want your blinds to be installed.

  • Inside the window frame
  • Above the window frame
  • Or even above the window frame with overlapping – for the maximum of privacy or simply to make the windows to look bigger.

Different blinds have different looks based on how they’ll be covering the window. There are different types of blinds such as vertical blinds, wooden blinds, roller blinds and sunscreen blinds. Decide what kind of blinds you are going to order and how you want to install them. While measuring there are important pointers that you need to be careful about in order to take the correct measurement.

If due to the height of your windows the top pane is not easily accessible, you better use a ladder and get the right measurements.

Roller blinds, Vertical blinds, sunscreen blinds in New Zealand usually installed inside of the window which means that they’ll be inside the window frame- this type of installation also means that you are going to get a light gap between the fabric (the blind) and the frame of the window.

In order for you to order your perfect size blinds – make sure you have taken top and bottom frame measurements – Also, remember that you get all the measurements in millimeters only. Often windows even they look square are not really and a mistake with measurements can be costly or simply make you not happy with your new blinds.

How to measure windows for new blinds

How to measure windows height for new blinds

When you’re measuring the width and height of the window then make sure that you follow the right format which is to measure the width first and then go for the length. It is often recommended that you take the narrowest measurement as the actual measurement for your blinds. If for instance one side of the window is smaller this is the measurement which is better to be used as the main. Please refer to the video “How to measure your windows for new blinds”.


When taking measurements you must make sure to use the metal tape. If you are using any other type then there is much possibility of getting incorrect measurements because these materials can be stretched. Another important point is to measure all your windows one by one even if all of them look the same. It is not necessary that their measurements will be exactly identical if they look the same to you. There might be minor differences which can be crucial when you’re buying the blinds for inside mount.

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