Add a touch of class, bringing elegance and contemporary design into your house. Roller blinds very versatile solution and can be placed in almost any room in your house.

Roller blinds VS Traditional curtains

Let’s compare Roller Blinds and traditional curtains which rarely block out all the light on sunny mornings in Auckland. If you find you are constantly woken up by the sun then you should consider “Roller blinds” for your home. Modern fabric can create a complete black effect in any room making them ideal for bedrooms or living areas. If you want to experience a complete outage of light in your rooms then checkout out our selection of blackouts fabrics.

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We offer wide choice of fabrics and trims with our roller blinds so that they can be stylish as well as functional. We constantly upgrade fabric collection to insure roller blinds we make are going to provide you with fashionable colour scheme, whatever you imagine, we can make it possible.

At 1B Blinds We have spent last 6 years listening to our customers, understanding exactly which styles and colors they want to see as part of our collection. We are independent and use all the available in New Zealand fabric suppliers to make sure that we provide you with the design and style you want for your house. Today, we’re able to offer you a multitude of designs, colors, textures and specially treated fabrics. So whatever environment or mood you wish to create, we can guide you to the perfect solution. Simple, clean and uncluttered, just the way you want it. The smooth lines of a classic roller blind lend itself ideally to settings such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

You can choose our standard blind finish with its elegant straight edge or be more creative and enhance your blind with a unique combination of oval or round bottom rails. All blinds from 1B Blinds are made-to-measure to your specified requirements, so please double check all your measurements before completing your order. If you have any queries please give us a call on 0800 300 575 or e-mail We cannot accept returns due to mis-measurement. If you realize you have mis-measured please contact us straight away.

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