21 Oct 2014

Sunscreen Blinds

Have you noticed sunscreen blinds normally get discussed by ladies during summer time. The reason sunscreen blinds get so much attention is obvious – these type of blinds provide comfort simultaneously protecting furniture and yet provide privacy.  Talking about different types of blinds we can’t complete the list without mentioning the sunscreen blinds. We can call these blinds the most functional to compare to other types of blinds. They are available in different styles, types and colors. Their operation can be customized as per your needs – they can be motorized, have a spring for an auto roll up or be  “chained”. Majority of our clients prefer their sunscreen blinds to have chain mechanism for easy operation. You can have them fitted even with chain and spring for smooth operation. They can either be fixed or can be rolled up and down depending on what you need.

Sunscreen blinds play a very important role in keeping the heat blocked from your home. Blocking capacity can be from 70% and up, the variance comes with different fabric and texture. The blocking of glare and sunlight also depends on the type of material used in your sunscreen blind.

Sunscreen blinds are perfect for private homes as well as they can be used to complement the decoration of a hotel or resort rooms. They don’t let your privacy get affected but at the same time they provide you with a beautiful view of the outside. If your hotel or resort is located in an oceanfront location then you wouldn’t want to block the beautiful views of the ocean from your guests however, you wouldn’t want them to have sunlight right in their face at the same time.

There are different types of fabrics used for making these sunscreen blinds and their function depends on their thickness.

Sunscreen blinds – available materials

Sunscreen blinds can be of linen fabric, PVC and different fire retardant fabric types. It totally depends on where you’ll be using the blinds. By keeping the glare and UV of the sun out of your house you can keep the atmosphere comfortable. If the sunlight enters your house and gets absorbed in carpets or curtains then it’ll surely heat up everything which can be very uncomfortable for you and your guests. By using rolling mechanism you can roll these blinds up or down anytime you want depending on your need.

You wouldn’t be let down when it comes to styles and designs of these blinds because the variety is unlimited. The fabric can be used depending on the room you’re putting the blinds in. If you are installing the blinds in your child’s room then find some printed options with cute flowers or bears printed on the fabric. If your spouse loves simplicity then plain blinds will be the perfect choice for your bedroom. If you have a beautiful view of the garden from your bedroom window then you must install these blinds to have a constant view of the outside while still maintaining your privacy.

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Sunscreen blinds can be the most valuable addition if you have a sunroom with your house. Sunroom is all about enjoying the front view of your house and the sunlight. In the winters we can really feel the true value of sunlight but too much of it can still be irritating. In this scenario these can be the best addition to your sunroom.

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