1. Online quotation is for information only.
  2. All blinds are made by 1B Blinds supplied ‘square’ and no responsibility is taken for “out of square” windows. It is understand that to fix the blinds to your “out of square” windows may require additional charges.
  3. Existing window treatments can be removed by our installer and a surcharge may apply- please talk to us about it.
  4. 1B Blinds takes no responsibility for colour variations: colours & weaves may vary from sample to sample and from a manufacturer to a manufacturer.
  5. Once the order is agreed on- we treat it as a contract between the parties.
  6. 1B Blinds takes no responsibility for delays caused by circumstances beyond our control.
  7. 1B Blinds encourages customers to pay deposits before work starts and expect full payment of the remaining balance on the day of installation. If for some reason you failed to pay the full balance the ownership of the blinds remains with 1B Blinds.
  8. It is agreed that installation dates given at quotation time approximate only,- unless prior arrangement has been made. Delays can be caused by third parties and 1B Blinds cannot be taken responsible for it.
  9. Installation of the blinds is usually done during normal business hours unless we agreed on a specific date and time which falls otherwise.
  10. Should the client deny access to the site for installation 1B Blinds can ask for full balance payment. 1B Blinds will store your blinds  at no cost to the customer for one month.
  11. In the event a client failed to pay in “full” for the received blinds – 1B Blinds leaves rights to place collection with a Debt Collection agency for formal demand, all collection fees and disbursements charged due to the process shall be payable by the client.
  12. Delay of payment unauthorised by 1B Blinds will incur a 10% penalty per month.
  13. Once an order has entered production, it cannot be cancelled and must be paid in full.
  14. Agreement or/and Deposits indicate acceptance of conditions of sale, it is understand that once parties agreed on price  and installation date parties accept conditions of sale.
  15. Blinds remain the property of 1B Blinds until fully paid.
  16. By placing your order you agree to 1B Blinds condition of sale,
  17. You are agreeing to use the information provided, to obtain information regarding your credit history via a third party credit agency if necessary.