Beautifully simple, yet incredibly stylish – Venetian blinds – from “1B Blinds” is a classic design solution that offers superb choice and flexibility. Venetian Blinds are perfect for creating that contemporary, modern look, and offer a great amount of privacy. Venetian Blinds available in 25mm and 50 mm width and all blinds are made to measure, finished to the highest standards. Venetian blinds made out of aluminum.

Venetian blinds – match almost any décor

There are an incredibly versatile decorative solution that offers a variety of styles to match almost any décor. In New Zealand this type of blinds is considered to be the most affordable option. This is perhaps the reason they so often used by offices and investors. Often our clients use 50mm wide Venetian blinds for their kitchen area and 25 mm wide area in all other rooms.

1B Blinds offer includes over 100 exciting colors and finishes. From aluminium modern look to natural wood or striking metallic finishes and abstract designs. Manufactured from the highest quality materials available anywhere in the world today, 1B Blinds Venetian blinds combine functional practicality and versatility.

With a simple twist, Venetian blinds enable you to optimize your ideal ambient light conditions and control privacy and security. Made to your personal specifications and measurements, they ensure the perfect finish to your living space.
Most importantly due to the aluminum made they can be looked after very easy.
Please order our color selector to find your perfect Venetian blind color … and we will make your new venetian blinds for you.

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All blinds from “1B Blinds” are made-to-measure to your specified requirements, so please double check all your measurements before completing your order. If you have any queries please give us a call on 0800 300 575 or e-mail We cannot accept returns due to mis-measurement. If you realize you have mis-measured please contact us straight away.

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