06 Nov 2014
windows vertical blinds good choice

If you are looking for vertical blinds then you must be an enthusiast who want to decorate your home with the most efficient solution on the market.

Vertical blinds, let’s see what makes them good:

1) Sunlight efficiency Рyou can always turn the blades of the blinds in the position you want.  This gives you ability to block as much sunlight from your room as you want.

2) Maintain privacy this is what makes vertical blinds the best option – you can pull them aside – making your window naked or you could turn the blades the way that they block the whole window.

3) Easy. They are easy to use.

4) Price. This type of blinds allows you to manage your budget due to the fact that they are so many different fabrics some of them very affordable.

5) Vertical blinds are favorite for investors and landlords in New Zealand due to they practical use.

 Vertical Blinds Рcreate atmosphere in your room

Always look elegant and provide good atmosphere to the room . They can be made out of different fabrics, types and pattern. The color you choose totally depends on your choice and the color theme in your house. Vertical blinds can be made in different size of the blades in order to enhance the size of the frame of your windows.Size of the blades starts from 127mm to accommodate modern houses, 100 mm this is a standard size and used in many different decors as well as they come in 89 mm even this size seems to be outdated it is yet often used for older houses.

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Vertical blinds provide great protection to your furniture and carpet. As you know in New Zealand UV level is very high and some people even say that it is the highest in the whole world- look at all the red cars in order to understand how sunlight can damage your new leather sofa. Just think if the red paint starts to peel off from a vehicle after 5-8 years, the carpet in your house can start to deteriorate after a year.