Window Vertical Blinds Buying Guide in Auckland

With so many options to choose from in terms of colours, styles, patterns, designs, and even materials and fabrics, choosing an appropriate “style” for your vertical blinds is indeed very difficult task. It will take you days to choose “the one” which is just right for your home. You need to choose very carefully as window dressing is just as important as furnishing and decorating all areas in your house and it speaks of what you are as a person. The kind of vertical blinds that you consider to install in your house will create and transfer impressions for your home about you. Think about your vertical blinds as expression of your personality. Thus, you need some guidance on choosing the right vertical blinds for your windows.

Top Factors to Consider when you look for Window Vertical Blinds

  • Privacy vs Light – you need to decide which one of the two is your top priority. Should you realize that your kitchen and study room need to let more light then choose the transparent ones to allow light to penetrate inside your rooms and at the same time, giving some protection and privacy so that people from outside will not be able to peek inside your kitchen or study room .
  • Price – yes, we all know – price is one of the most important factors. You will be attracted by vertical blinds using materials and fabric sourced from Australia, New Zealand, and the US. All of them with different prices. However, you need to check your budget limitations.       Some of your options might be choosing premium vertical blinds you like but only for a number of rooms, meaning install the blinds in stages. Schedule installations for every few rooms but ask to be provided the house lot discount and you start first with your bedrooms and once you save enough money, you can proceed with vertical blinds installation in your living room and so on and so forth. That way the manufacturer knows you are going to be a “big client”.

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Or you might want to choose vertical blinds made of synthetic materials which look the same like the real ones but definitely cheaper. It is a choice that only your wallet can decide.

  • Cleaning Obligations – some of you might get too excited with the many benefits that this type of window dressing offers such as reducing the heat that enters in the room thus improving the efficiency of your air conditioners and also help you become healthy by reducing sun rays that will give you headache and eye-strain and you forget to consider the cleaning requirements it needs.
Window vertical blinds fabric samples

Fabric for window Vertical Blinds

Remember the more sensitive the fabric or materials used the more cleaning obligations that it requires, and the smaller the windows the less time that you will spend cleaning the slates. The bigger the vertical blinds, the larger the space the larger the amount of dust vertical blinds will accumulate.

  • Style – you might wonder that why this factor is nearly at the bottom of the selection? It is to help you instantly eliminate those that you cannot afford, those you might find tedious to clean, and those that doesn’t serve your purpose.       With that, your factors to consider in this determinant is just to weigh if you want classic colours, chic style, sturdy or flimsy material, formal or casual in terms of looks as some examples.

It is wise to do your own research by asking professional opinion or feedback from your friends, or even you can surf the internet and find something which might interest you and analyse if it will work the same for your house.

  • Safety – if you have little children at home, you might want to consider buying motorised vertical blinds instead of manually operated ones where chains and cords are dangling from the sides.

Now, that you know the factors to consider when buying vertical blinds, you can start measuring your windows to have an idea how large or small the vertical blinds that you need. Please use our instance on-line calculator to find out how much your new blinds are going to cost you and ask for discount.

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