24 Mar 2015
Colors of wooden blinds

If most of the blinds on the market do not provide you with everything that you are looking for you might be in the perfect place to find the answer you are looking for:

Wooden blinds in Auckland

Made out of Canadian Cedar are going to provide your house with style and class, something what never goes out of fashion. If you want a modern and stylish look combined with full protection from direct sunlight, then wooden venetian blinds are perfect for you. They are an important piece of the interior that most people look for last; without them, a Kiwi house look incomplete and not as easy on the eye. Cedar blinds are the superb solution for altering appearance of a room or work place in a breathtaking and unique way through providing the décor with style. This type of blinds always manages to impress us with astonishing beauty of real Canadian Cedar, color and comfort as well as durability. What is more is that their elegance, quality and craftsmanship- think about a piece of Canada in your New Zealand house. Put them at the top of blinds products demanded by people with a high consideration for style and beauty, look around when you are going to be in Remuera, Auckland next time – most of the houses have Wooden Blinds. No matter how your household looks, Cedar blinds express a well-priced path to complement the furniture that you already own, and add an undertone of elegance to your existing room design. As if this wasn’t enough, these wooden blinds have one more valuable benefit over most of the other products – they are able to control the room’s temperature.

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Wooden Venetian blinds from Canadian Cedar in Auckland NZ

Wooden venetian blinds

Generally speaking, the material that is usually being used is a Canadian cedar that is light and ideal for thin strips. It gets dried in Australia and then gets cut into the right wooden parts and the blinds are made in New Zealand by 1B Blinds in our North Shore factory. During the dry process in Australia which lasts for nine months, it is stored in a special yard with permanent OZ temperature and relative humidity. It goes without saying that these conditions are a guarantee of quality, professionalism and a long life for the products. Yet, the price is among the affordable level for those of us who values class and demands quality. Our wooden blinds are the perfect chance to experiment and find the right piece interior for your house.

Regarding design aesthetics, a considerable number of clients prefer to synchronize coloration with other elements in the room, such as furnishings or wood flooring with the wood grain.

This projects a breath-taking sense of completeness of the interior design, even more if all windows in the premises are furnished with wooden blinds. Surprisingly for some people, a novice fashion in décor steps away from the idea of matching Cedar blinds to other design elements. Another interesting thought is that by choosing Cedar blinds that are in contrast with the surrounding furnishing, you can, without any trouble, effectuate a specific site of attention.

The slats of the wooden blinds are thick and strong, which allows for extremely easy cleaning using just a damp cloth. Moreover, the natural wood structure of this type of blinds offers admirable performance in catering privacy without reserving appearance, while still moderating heat and light. If you have an eye on the design of wooden venetian blinds, but you shiver at the thought of their price even without the installation expenses, keep in mind that Canadian Cedar blinds are an astonishing opportunity that will add value to your already existing furnishing and design, and you can make smart choices and save some of the cost.

Color of the blinds, please refer to our color swatch we are always looking for the most fashionable colors and happy to assist you with options. The finish we use in our blinds sustain New Zealand harsh UV rays and our blinds do not lose their finish. In order for you to understand which blinds have been installed by us – it is easy – if they look perfect after 5 years of use – there is a very big chance the blinds been made by 1BBlinds.

When you order wooden blinds in lighter colors, such as white or light grey for example, the Cedar blinds are able to produce a closer or even better experience than curtains or drapes.

Fortunately in a lasting quality, wooden blinds simply last longer than any other type of window furnishings. It is an immense high capacity option for those living on a fixed monthly budget and it is quite clear that you save even more by putting them up yourself.

Overall, there is hardly any chance of finding classier looking or more modern blinds. Our Cedar blinds are among the most popular products. These blinds will complete your interior and keep your privacy, and they are easy to handle and clean. What more do you need? Pick your favorite color, get the measurements and order. You will not regret it.

Once you have finished with this post you are yet want to explore what else the market can offer you: look at the vertical blinds they offer versatile and lasting solution of fabric vertical blinds.

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